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The Through Thick & Thin necklaces, for example, or the Soul Sisters rings—the perfect present for you and your best friend. For jewelry that isn’t just good to look at but is imbued with a deep and profound significance, Bryan Anthony’s is a reduce above the rest—and top-of-the-line designer jewellery brands on the market. Named after the co-founder’s brother—who tragically passed away at a young age—the ethos of the brand is all about residing a meaningful life.

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Every piece looks totally different from each other however you won’t know the names of the methods through which they’re made. In this part, we’ll cover the favored methods to find a way to ask in your most well-liked ones confidently at your subsequent store visit. We have rose gold earrings sculpted to appear to be the magic golden flower and tiara rings topped with Rose de France in the identical shade as Rapunzel’s iconic dress. Dare to let your hair down with Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry necklaces, rings and earrings inspired by Rapunzel. I’ve tried ALL the earrings that say they won’t damage your ears and actually none of them work for me. The only earrings I’ve ever been able to put on are surgical grade steel.