Technological advancements in the Singapore market

Singapore seems to be living in 2123 instead of 2023 thanks to its incredible technological advancements. The country is becoming a smart nation with what feels like sci-fi scenarios. Although most of the world believes that China, Japan, or the United States are leading the way in technology, Singapore is the most futuristic place worldwide, with unique technological breakthroughs. Singapore is Asia’s technology capital, and you can see this through these astonishing advancements.

Self-driving Cars

In 2016, nuTonomy, now owned by Aptiv, became the first company to launch autonomous vehicle testing in Singapore. They launched the first robot taxis. Even though the trial only tested six vehicles within a 2.5 square-mile area, it served as the basis for other companies to start building autonomous taxi trials. Today, the largest taxi operator in Singapore, ComfortDelGro, is investing in self-driving software and has partnered with another local company to finally launch self-driving taxis. The future is now!

Hiring Robotic Police

Singapore is a leader in implementing technology into police performance, with crime rates at the lowest of the spectrum. The city thrives with an arsenal of smart technologies to keep people safe. In 2021, the police introduced a trial of two patrol robots that would warn people whenever they seemed to be doing something wrong. The robots could detect bad behaviors, like people smoking in prohibited areas, bicycles parked in not-designated areas, or acts going against COVID-19 rules. Nowadays, the police in Singapore also count with the MiniX robot, a remote-controlled robot that detects bombs. The artifact can move through underground tunnels, while drones can check rooftops and high-rise areas. They are used in massive events as safety measures.

Smart Living in Singapore

The Housing and Development Board, introduced in 2014, is leading the way for Singapore to be a smart city. The strategy entails five areas, including homes, and promotes smart living for all Singaporeans. Citizens are encouraged to upgrade their home features with a utility management system that helps them stay calm and that confirms they have closed the tap or turned the lights off. It’s only a matter of time for people to have self-sufficient houses.

Robots Among Us

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a decrease in the foreign worker population, leading Singapore to embrace robot workers. The country has 605 robots per 10,000 employees. It’s the second-highest number of robots in the world, only behind South Korea. You can find robots all over Singapore, in places like construction sites, metro stations, coffee shops, and the National Library.

Singapore eVisa

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